£6 fees is normal?

i just bought £20 of monero (just testing the waters atm) which this site exchange thing said was

sent to my local wallet for fees of

my local wallet has received, but says it’s only £14

but when i google monero to GBP and put in 0.000057406250 it says it’s… 1pence.
so where’s my other £5.99 vanished to?

XMR doesn’t have an absolute GBP price equivalent. The price per XMR of the ad you’ve used to purchase is different from the market average that you’ve looked up later. Sellers put a markup over the average price to make a profit. Also mind the exchange rate fluctuations.

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fair enough, just confused me at first. i wasn’t annoyed or anything i was just buying to learn how to use crypto lol. next time i’ll buy much more now i know how to use it.

thanks :slight_smile: