A new user selling but not marking receipt of Paypal received - traderino

Bought from a new account and paid by Paypal. Some 32 hrs later and the seller - traderino — LocalMonero has not marked the payment complete nor released XMR. The person involved has logged into his account several times but is ignoring my messages.

Just in case this user is scamming other people, please stay clear off.

PS lesson learned and only a small sum lost

If you can prove that you have paid then LM admins will surely release it for you, it’s probably the same guy/group trying to scam me atm

Just by curiosity, how much did they have to sell?

I advertised as a buyer and they came along and sold 20 euro worth even though I had an upper limit of 70.

Just start a dispute and provide proof of payment and LM admins will surely release it

Yes. I have started a dispute!

Just an Update.

LocalMonero staff messaged traderino some 32 hrs ago giving them 24 hrs to reply. This they have not done.

traderino has logged into his account during this period more than once.

Stay clear of traderino!

Since you paid him with PayPal you should have his name ? Is it the same name as on my post?

No. It an outlook.at email. I assume that is Austria!