Am I making any mistake in my deals?

I just opened a cash-by-mail deal. I want to buy monero.

Cash by mail deal is especially risky for a beginner.

What can I do to make the deals go smoothly?

Am I making any mistake? I’m a beginner.

Stick to traders with a high reputation and you almost certainly won’t have any problems.

The best possible practice is as follows: film how you count and pack the cash in the sealed envelope. Make unique markings with a sharpie inside the envelope. Put that sealed envelope inside another sealed envelope. Glue the label on the envelope. Drop it off into a post box or give it to a postal worker on camera. Record this all in one take.

Additionally, you can ask your seller on what the best practice should be when it comes to packing the cash.

I don’t get a tracking number if I drop it in a post box. That’s very dangerous if a cash buyer claims to not have received any cash. I have no way to prove that it is delivered.

I prefer cash by delivery because sending a small delivery box leaves a tracking number.
You can also send envelopes through delivery companies.

In my country, there are many convenience stores that accept envelopes and delivery boxes on behalf of delivery company. There are several such convenience stores around my house. I can walk to them.

A caveat is that delivery companies don’t seem to ensure cash at all or don’t ensure cash above a certain low amount. When delivery companies lose cash, they are probably not going to ensure cash.

In my country, a special form of postal money order delivers cash and ensures cash. If I wanted to ensure cash, I probably should send it via postal money order delivery. I can also walk to a post office, but it takes 30 ~ 40 minutes to get there on feet.

Always get a tracking number, period. You need to know that it arrived in order to make your claim that it arrived.

You don’t need to tell the postal workers what is in the package in order to ensure it, just tell them how much you want to ensure it for and that you want tracking information.