Anyone interested to buy XMR for Amazon gift cards

Hey Everyone. Was wondering if anyone wanted xmr and had amazon gift cards lying around to use. If you are interested, I have an ad up that we can trade on. Just make sure you buy the gift card in cash and still have the receipt, and that’s all you need! I am looking for my first customer. thank you and have a great day!

Ok, well…here’s my problem Tabby:

I went an bought a vanilla Mastercard for 60 bucks, thinking I could use it to buy monero, here.
Two Problems: ONE: Once bought, I can’t cash it back out at the ATM to get cash back, even if I did make a pin for it, as that was the rules of the Mastercard I bought.

and TWO: there were no offers for Vanilla Mastercard offered here, SO…

I went and bought an Amazon Gift Card at a Dollar Store, using the Mastercard.
And I went with another dealer, offering to sell Monero for the Amazon Gift Card.

I put up the reciepts for the Amazon Gift card… I LOST the reciept for the Vanilla Mastercard I bought.

And I even showed pictures like instructed, and everything, and now I’m panicking.

I hit the “I have paid” button…without thinking "Oh crap, I’m supposed to scratch off the code on the card! I even put (in total) THREE pictures (showing the card and the code, and the reciept)
And…no response yet.

I feel like a complete dope.

It was supposed to be simple. It just ain’t… or I’m just dumber than Biden.

And that’s pretty dumb.

Anyway, would love to know your input.

Do I cancel the trade NOW and just…I don’t know…

sorry for the late response, I hope your amazon gift card trade worked out ok, Maybe the seller’s requirements were a bit different. For me personally, I keep my trades short a simple, send a picture of your receipt and your gift code. after that, I scan it, and boom release the escrow. You are completely safe because there is an escrow system, which forces to the buyer to release his monero. Next time you have amazon gift cards I would love to do a trade and make it fast and simple :slight_smile:

Hi Tabby, I’d like to work with you. Be in touch soon!

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Tabby, do you know why your ad might not be showing up when I perform a search? I am able to see it when I go to your profile.

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Hey I also accept Amazon gift cards for monero

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sorry about that covey, my advertisement is back online. Please start a trade!

I also receive gift cards. Contact me if you have a gift card. The code is okay.

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do u still receive amazon gift cards code

Yes. At the moment i do not have enough xmr but in a couple of days I will be ready to trade


ok lmk because some traders are posting ads and closing them randomly so please email me when u are ready open an ad for trade at

been receiving Mr. been receiving Mr.

Be careful with Amazon. They have a lot of security checks due to AML rules. They have different security code structures for different regions to comply with guidelines. US cards I believe all start with AQ and can’t be used outside of the US. They are still quite valuable trading currency. If they do say AQ you should be able to get a decent rate for most crypto. International cards, with any other code may not pay as well from experience. Don’t click on any links to verify the value either, lot of people get their cards drained that way.