Best way to handle disputes

Hello. I have an issue where sometimes like once a week I have issues with a coin locker. These are normally new accounts with 0 or maybe 1 trade. Normally these people respond in the beginning and attempt to make a payment but the payment fails(probably trying to use a stolen card) and then they stop responding. They normally have more than 75% of all my xmr so it makes it so I can’t have other trades.

I feel like in cases where the person is a new trader <10 trades and they have a dispute with someone with more than 250 or 500 trades and you provide video evidence that the person failed to make a payment then the experienced trader should get their coins back automatically and you shouldn’t have to wait for them to respond 24 hours.

Sometimes people purposely make you wait as long as possible other times it seems like they just stopped coming on the website

Edit: if it happens the trader experienced trader lied or is trying to scam he should be banned

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. 24 hours deadline is standard procedure, applied equally to all traders, and because sometimes people are unable to respond for one reason or another.

If you’re experiencing problems with coinlockers, we strongly recommend you to use the “First time limit (XMR)” and “For users with verified email only” functions on the ad creation page. Those functions should help you against coinlocking behavior.

would be nice to limit order visibility to somebody with certain trade volume