Beware of this fraud. I lost over $2k

Hi guys

I just wanted to let you know what happened to me. I am still a pretty new trader. And it was a huge mistake me not verifying people who used paypal. I ended up getting charged back over $2k. You can see what he explained in the chat why it was charged back and his plan for paying me back. He asked me to create an account on online check writer so that way I could receive larger transactions, He sent me 2 checks ($9k and $7.5k) When I went to bank to cash them they said it was from a closed account. This is what really made me suspicious of him, (I should have been more suspicious after the chargebacks but its a learning lesson.) Anyways this user tried doxing me and accusing me of paypal/check fraud. I ended up googling the person whose name was on the check and found their phone number. I talked to him and explained the situation. This guy was an 82 year old retire who lost money and was really upset. I told him that if there is any way I can help him or the authorities that I would. I have learned my lesson and stopped accepting paypal and I am not doing these stupid echecks. Maybe try and learn from my lesson. I was not the smartest and ended up losing around $3k and the cops might think I am a criminal. I hate scammers but scamming old retired seniors, I hope the scammer gets his asshole widened in jail.

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that sounds terrible. I hate scammers so much man. They ruin everything. Thats why I have to be really careful when selling for amazon gift cards because they can figure out a way to get my amazon account shut down. I make sure they pay in cash and that they have a receipt cause thered be no other way to prove it was them. Its a bit annoying we have to do kyc things like this but overall i think its better for all of us if less scammers are going around.