Currency/Payment Method Preferences

Please add options in settings for selecting which currency and payment option/s should be displayed on the Dashboard.

Edit: I meant on the buying and selling pages…

Thank you.

You mean for trades or for ads?

Hi Alex, I made a mistake. I meant on the Buy/Sell Monero pages.

There are already selectors for this on the Buy/Sell pages. At the top, in the box.

Yes but they change based on browser localization settings correct? My browser randomizes these for privacy. Also, the payment method defaults to “All” and it would be nice to be able to have it set to a specific method.

You can change the locale at the bottom of the page. You can change the method to a specific one manually.

That is for the language-font but my country (in the trade localization) keeps resetting to Poland when I am in fact in the US.

The very bottom is the language, but just above that on the main page you can change the location to whichever you like.

Ah Okay I see it now. That was exactly what I was looking for, thank you for your time.

Edit: After being away from the Buy/Sell pages for a few minutes and without having logged out, the ads listed went back to Polish listings…

Would you be able to make this setting more permanent? It keeps switching to Poland…

Also, wouldn’t it be better to have this setting in a more convenient place? Account settings perhaps?

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider.

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