Difference Between LocalMonero and Agora Desk?

So I’ve found out about AgoraDesk which is basically the sister website for LocalMonero right? Well by the looks of it, it seems that on AgoraDesk, you can sell BTC AND Monero, while Local Monero is only xmr of course. So since you can use your LM acc on agora desk and you can see incoming trades and everything, my question is, Can I just only use Agoradesk for both my BTC and XMR trades? To me, it seems that there would be no point to get on LM unless I’m missing something. This site does have forums though, which is why I’m here to ask lol.

Yup, if you trade in both that’s what you should be using.

Yeah but localmonero.co is a more popular website than agoradesk

People on LocalMonero will see your XMR ads posted via AgoraDesk.

LocalMonero can only trade XMR
AgoraDesk can trade XMR and BTC

AgoraDesk may be a new brand, LocalMonero is more famous.