Do I dispute if I want my money sent back to me?

I opened a trade with someone who was online and seen “just now”. They gave me a link to an automated KYC which I completed and they immediately sent me bank details to pay. I paid and waited 2 hours but their online status remained as being seen “just now” and they didn’t respond to any of my messages.

I finally found another trader I wanted to buy from and bought the XMR within 5 minutes. I sent a message to the original trader asking for my money back but they haven’t responded again.

I went to the FAQ for an answer to my question, but wasn’t able to find one. I saw that if I want to dispute a trade, I must do it BEFORE the trade is finalised, which will now only happen if the trader confirms I paid and releases XMR.

The fact I requested the money sent back to me, is the trader obliged to do so or should I open a dispute now while I’m able? Otherwise they may be able to finalise the trade by confirming my payment and releasing the XMR to me, which I no longer want or need.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can request the money be sent back and see what they say. If needed, open a dispute.