Do sellers get upset if buyers don't send payment with high fee?

Brand new to crypto and I haven’t made a single purchase yet. I’m in no rush and wouldn’t mind waiting several hours to get my coins in order to reduce the transaction fee. But sellers I have looked at request sending BTC payment with high fee. Do sellers typically get upset if a buyer sends with a low (4 hour) fee? I have attempted to communicate with two sellers, but don’t get a response so I thought it would be best to ask here.

They would probably not like that, yes. They are selling based on the current market price and that can change in 4 hours. It’s best to send it with a fee that would get it confirmed within an hour.

What comes to mind here for me is that sellers should all connect to a big LN network. I know lots of big wallets already have highly establishes networks so users who connect to LN and are on that chain should be able to send payment virtually instantaneously.

Thanks for the clarification!