Do the trade prices for an ad go up and down once you have opened a trade with a user?

I’m new here and I just wanted to know if once you have entered a trade, if the trade price goes down while still in the trade, does that count as the final trade price once the coins have been released?

Or once you open a trade, the price you opened the trade with stays the same for that particular trade? Even if that trade price goes down.

Thank you!

Welcome to LocalMonero! :wave:

Once a trade is started, the price is locked. This is true for all online deals.The only exception is a certain type of local cash trades, in which the price can be floating with the market.

However, some sellers, especially ones operating with methods such as cash by mail, might require a buyer to reopen a trade when the payment arrives, so as to adjust for the market price fluctuations which might happen while an envelope is en route. Such requirments are stated in the trade terms, so always be sure to read them carefully.

Happy trading and feel free to reach out should you have any more questions!

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Ok thank you this clears things up :+1: