Etiquette of ratings for unresponsive vendors

I buy XMR in Australia. I have noticed a number of vendors with XMR sell offers who fail to respond when I accept their offer. I have given some of these people up to 48 hours or more to respond and got nothing.

Is it considered OK to give vendors who fail to respond to accepted offers after several days a negative review? Previously I have just been cancelling with a Neutral rating.

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It’s probably best to reserve negative reviews for actually malicious people.

Sounds annoying.

However, I do find it annoying when buyers pull out because I haven’t responded in 15 minutes.

Sure, 15 minutes is way too short a time period. But an offer accepted without a response for several day?

BTW, I still have not left negative feedback of anyone, not even unresponsive vendors.

I guess the problem is when people posted ads ages ago. The list favours best price rather than time posted.

But the price changes over time with the price external to LM. It must be an old ad, with a price pegged to an external price.

The list favours best price rather than time posted.

Not exactly, it also favors being active and online often. People who haven’t logged in for ages get sorted below those who were recently active even if they have a more advantageous price.

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