Fraud with SEPA transfer user getcoin

Hello everyone,

I have been victim of fraud by user getcoin. Let me explain the way these people do it.
Initially the user claimed that the payment was made from a bank account in Lithuania. Payment was never received and dispute was opened. After many days I received a payment from a different account in a different country. XMR released.

After some days I received a SEPA refund request in my bank. I rejected it. After 1-2 days my bank locked my account. What is more shocking in these cases is that your own bank. That same bank you have been doing business with for years, treats you like a mobster. No information, no way to explain, nothing. They just leave you in the street and who knows for how long.

Well, now I am collecting the necessary information for a legal action but the path will be long, expensive and painful.

So, fellow traders please be aware about all implications of receiving payments with SEPA transfers.

Wish you all the best and keep trading safely.

I had 2 bank accounts shut down for “suspicious activity” no specific reason and no way to appeal. I was on vacation when this happened and it really fucking sucked having my bank accounts frozen. I have been dealing with my bank for years sigh