Ghosted after payment is made


For two days in a row, I have been ghosted as soon as I made a payment to buy XMR. This is how it went both times.

Person responds to my buy ad and sends me the account info to send to. I send the money, mark paid, and message the seller. Seller accepts the money in cashapp, stops responding to messages, and never releases funds. I obviously can easily provide proof of payment in these cases, so unfortunately I’m forced to open a dispute to provide evidence.

Here’s the problem. The moderator refuses to take any action until the other party has had 24 hours to respond. Even though I provided indisputable proof of my payment, MY money is tied up for 24 hours so these assholes who are ghosting me on purpose (or singular asshole if its the same person fucking with me using different accounts) have a chance to respond.

I provided indisputable video evidence that the payment was made and accepted by the other party. What the hell else is there to talk about? Release my damn money. I can’t deal with constantly being blocked from my own crypto that I already paid for. The moderator says that the other party needs to have 24 hours to respond and possibly decide if they want to just refund my money and keep their XMR. What??? So they can just wait 24 hours and decide to undo the trade if the value of XMR drifts out of their favor while I am stuck in limbo without my funds? This is bullshit that you would expect from a large bureaucratic system…not a platform that values free trade.

Am I missing something here? Anybody else experience this? I’m not going to be able to continue with this platform if I can’t protect myself from being targeted like this.

Hi RigznRagz,

We understand your frustration. We’re frustrated as well that you’re experiencing this. However, finalizing the trade without giving the seller a reasonable time to respond in the open dispute wouldn’t be fair. The other side always gets time to respond in case something went wrong. This is the standard process on our platform.

We recommend you to use a higher mark up for your ads if you’re worried about the change of the value of XMR during the course of the trade. We also warned the seller against such behavior in the trade chat, and if this happens again, we’ll suspend him from trading privileges. You’re free to leave a negative feedback after the trade and block the trader, so he won’t be able to open new trades with you.

The moderator also considers everyone’s safety, because the dispute time is also a transitional period of 24 hours