How can I have better deals? Ideas?

I’m a seller. I have been in the exchange for at least 1 year. I’m not planning to go anywhere, keep on being patient I guess. Can anyone share any ideas to get to more people be aware about monero and use locamonero as an exchange? I have been sharing on social media, twitter, google+, my friends, my work colleagues, my family, talking to several business owners, etc.
I would like to anyone in the forum to share ideas about their experience, maybe I can get something and change it in my adds. Thank you all for reading.


Creating a short video tutorial for youtube on how to easily purchase XMR might be helpful!


Hello hows it going? I am new to xmr but not so new to btc. I can tell you that it’s only a matter of time now and not a long time either. I believe there’s a bout to be an increase in monero being bought and in the amount of people that use monero.

The people that use cryptocurrencies have all agreed that bitcoin is now just a joke for those that need a crypto currency for buying and selling goods I mean bitcoin has now transcended itself into being a commodity like gold or even more distinguished. It’s gotten way to expensive to be considered useful as regular currency and when it first came out it was considered good because of it’s promise of anonnomity but that’s over with. Monero is now considered a lot more private and bitcoin is now known for the ability to track it.

At there are a lot of new exchanges for monero and other alt coins but monero is the next in line for the users to warm up to. Just keep doing what you are doing, be patient, and we’ll see how it goes.

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Thank you. I’m still aboard! :slight_smile:

I will try it. Thanks!