How can we become as localbitcoins?

I’m new here on localmonero but I’m really in love with this site! By the way if you open localmonero and in another page localbitcoins you will see two different worlds!

It’s unbelievable guys (maybe it’s better “mates” ) the disproportion between us and the localbitcoins’ world: There are so few interested here compared to Bitcoin that I really didn’t believe so! But why? Why people are so interested in BTC and not in XMR?
Or maybe it’s only because people doesn’t know about the existence of localmonero? And if you think so, how can we get more people here?

Hello and welcome to the community!

Bitcoin in general is simply much more well known than Monero. For that reason less people are looking to trade it.

Yeah, this is the simplest answer but searching more deeply I think the answers are different (take it as my humble opinion)!
For example have you ever considered to make some adds on the major forums? Like Reddit, Dread and so on…?
Or in any case do you have any idea in how to attract people here? For example being more active on social networks.
Because it looks like that we have an amazing infrastructure but a poor marketing and in 2019 the 2 things has at least to be at the same level in the same moment!

Reading my words before I’m not sure that I express my feelings in a friendly way but I hope you can excuse me if I look like a badass but I’m not able to express myself very well in english lol!!

We do plenty of engagement on social media, especially reddit. If you want to help us spread, you can talk about us on whichever platforms you personally use.

Yeah, absolutely!

First of all I’m trying to give to italian’s customers the biggest amount of choices for the way they want to pay me (SEPA, CASH, SUPERFLASH and more to come) and also without letting even one day of the future without my ads !
And in the mean time I’m spreading localmonero with how much person I can!

Let’s make this year unbelievable !!

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