How is it possible to get started?

Everyone wants at least x number of feedbacks but you can’t get feedback without trading. Feels like catch22 situation. Is there any solution?

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It’s simple, respond to other traders’ buy ads until you get enough feedback. Or post your own ads.

Same situation here ! I just made a buy under 100 USD and left feedback and got one, but there’s no way to see it and my feedback score is still 0%. I can’t find any trade that has a payment method that I can use and doesn’t require at least 1% feedback score and has a good transaction limit. Literally no way to start for some of us, I’m just sitting here watching an AD that interests me with no possible way to buy! :frowning:

Post your own buy ad, someone will respond.

Thank you for your answer. I thought ads were only for sellers, didn’t know I could post a buy ad. Problem solved for me !

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