How to know who to trust

Hi, just starting out, looking to sell some holdings, read the fraudster Blogs which has put me off a bit, seems no transaction method is foolproof, fraudster buyers can just reverse transaction to bank account or Paypal after release XMR to them, can seed their accounts with fake feedback. How do I identify honest buyers, do the Admins have any recommendations for small amounts to sell?

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  1. You can just look for high reputation buyers and reply to their ads: Sell Monero for USD — LocalMonero. This is probably the easiest and the safest way to go, if you’re just looking to sell small amounts.


  1. If you want to post your own ad, you can use irreversible payment methods such as cash by mail, read a guide here: Staying Safe With Cash by Mail — LocalMonero

  2. If you want to post your own ad, but want to use online methods, you can impose strict KYC to try to deter scammers, though you will also deter privacy-concious users.

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ok, Thanks muchly Tony !

Sorry I am replying a bit late. But if your still wondering, one of the best payment methods you can use thats secure for both the buyer and the seller are Amazon Gift Cards. Because Both transactions are basically non refundable. If your interested and want to get some monero using gift cards. Please come to my ad on my Local Monero page. Just make sure you buy a physical gift card in cash with a reciept is all I ask. Thank you and have a good day!

PayPal transactions recommend choosing family and friends to pay