How to raise Feedback score

How can I raise my feedback score? I need a 1% score to trade but I cant get and feedback without trading. any way to raise feedback without buying?

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You’ll need to complete a trade with one of the sellers who don’t have such a requirement. The total trading volume should be over $100 (CoinGecko price) for the feedback to be visible.

I’m new to the community but I saw something interesting. The ads to pay online easy options like zelle or cash app no ID involved, first time buyer welcome, no requirements at all… They almost double the price. The ads you find as cheapest require some sort of verification or feedback score. It’s really a tax on the new users IMO

Most of us do charge a bit extra for first time buyers but no one that I can see is charging anywhere near double. Where do you see that? Here is a link to Zelle sales (I assume you are in the USA since you are asking about Zelle) and here is a list of Cash App sales.

Price right now at XMR is $116. Max price I see for Zelle right now is $162 with tons of first time buyer offers, no ID, no requirements in the $125-$136 range. And for Cash App, max price I see right now is $162 with no requirement offers in the $130-$140 range. I’ve never seen anything near double. It might happen on occasion but you can always find offers in the 10% to 20% markup region for first timers! Look me up for a deal! MoneroMoon

A number of users have Buy ads where they ask to pay market price or lower. These users also have Sell ads where they add a margin of 5-10% or more. This is price-fixing. They are intentionally inflating the price of Monero which will slow the adoption rate. They are scalping value off the top of the currency, devaluing it over the long-term for short-term gains.

Monero won’t bubble like bitcoin has because bitcoin has the allure of being the first cryptocurrency and therefore being the most advertised; there are many documentaries about it and what it was supposed to achieve. Although, we know now that bitcoin can never achieve those things for various reasons. Monero should be far more affordable to increase adoption. Remember, currencies are only as good as their ability to be transacted. If the barrier between trades is too high then it is effectively worthless.