I keep getting trade error request after "Provide the settlement XMR wallet address". LM is not working

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 12.17.20 PM

My address is correct I’ve checked it and re-checked it. Why Is LM not functioning?

When I enter my address it immediately turns red like it’s not a correct address but the address is perfect. then I hit “back” and re-submit the accept terms, then continue w my address entered and that is where I keep getting this error. There is no explanation.

If the address field is highlighted red, the issue is probably that you’ve copied the address with an empty space character or a newline character. Make sure there’s no spaces before or after the address.

I dont think that is the issue. I have no spaces as described and I am copying the address direct from my wallet to the space. There is nothing wrong w my address . Ive checked it several times.

In fact it accepts the address when I back up and proceed from there because the price updates and after that I get the error msg.

Please contact our support and provide the ad link, the amount, the address, your browser and any other relevant information and we’ll sort it out.

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Red means error. See if there are spaces when copying your address.