Im pretty sure i received funds from someone, C4rding/stolen cards

So, as the title says im prety sure that someone doing C4rding or using someones credit card to buy me monero.
So its was very random let me begin.
In some listings i do have my payment method tag (wich the username is the same as signal) i never said that the @ was my tag but the user found out.
So, he immediactly sent funds to my revolut account he paid using a card.
It never happened to me even legit costumers never bought with a card. anyways called the admin talked with revolut they cant disclose information about the person or refund the money.
For the ones who are asking i received 200eur.
I dont know about your country but here you need to be licensed to sell cripto legally, so if someone knoks on the door in the next days ill be pretty fucked up.

Anyways so now im kinda scared that im gonna have some police visit or something.
Because i literally received carded funds. What do i do?

Hi Xpoterlolipop,

I can see you’ve contacted me via Telegram, I’ll PM you there.

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