Is my username hurting my sales?

Hello guys!

When I registered for the site I chose the name BillButtlicker from the TV show office, however when i’m selling a fair amount below other users, people are still choosing the more expensive option! :frowning:

Any tips to reassure people i’m a legitimate seller?

Cheers all! :slight_smile:


Try finding someone to trade over 1 XMR with so that they can leave you a visible review and your review score will go up to 100%, maybe that will help.


You really need a trade higher than 1 XMR for the 100% rating. Your username is perfectly fine.


I know this is years old, but there’s a seller called methcrystal that pops up for Aust. trades.

The only usernames that I would definitely avoid are names like “Trustedseller23”

Honestraderjoe , or any name that gives the image of trustworthiness.

Id trade with you butt licker! And tbh, you’d stand out and be memorable. If people think you eat ass because of your name, they’re a bit immature or you must really like ass.


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Your username will not affect your reputation. Keep it online. Respond to customers in time. Complete transactions in time. Your reputation will gradually get higher and higher.