Issues between sellers

After speaking with a few regular sellers it’s become clear that there are a couple of issues for sellers here.

The first is that some sellers are blocking other sellers in an attempt to hide themselves from view so that the competition doesn’t change their prices accordingly. To combat this just browse the site in another browser and you can see a complete list of who is online.

The 2nd and more serious issue is there are sellers out there who are making fake accounts and then opening trades for the full amount of XMR. Only to disappear and not want to trade. This removes the sellers offer from view for an hour while their XMR is in escrow.

I’d had my suspicions for a while having it happen a few times, but then today while I was amending my prices to be cheaper than other sellers, I had a trade open up from a brand new account for the full amount of my XMR. This new user told me that they wouldn’t cancel the trade until I cancelled another trade opened with their other account. They didn’t admit to which account that was.

I have my suspicions as to who this new user was. Unfortunately this user was mistaken and I hadn’t opened any trades with any other sellers.

This means that there is a seller or sellers actively trying to sabotage other sellers by opening and abandoning trades. It is either this particular seller who approached me under a different account, or we are both victims of this issue and it is another unknown seller.

I’ve raised the issue with support but if any devs are reading this, are there any future plans to develop a solution to this problem?

Hi Kevlar,

We recommend the sellers to use the “First time limit (XMR)” and “For users with verified email only” functions on the ad creation page. Those functions will help against coinlocking behavior.