Issues with price adjustment

There seems to be some issues with when a price updates in different parts of the site. Here is an example of the typical issues I encounter (which never happened on the site before the newer price formulas):

  1. Price for a Buy offer displays 62.78 on the “Sell Monero” page and also on the ad on my dashboard.

  2. When I go to edit the offer on the dashboard, the “Updated Ad Price” shows the same 62.78 price, while “Current Ad Price” shows a recalculated value of 63.21. This seems like it should be the other way around so there is clearly some issue with when prices are updated in different places.

  3. Due to the mismatch in 2), simply editing an ad an saving the “changes” (without making changes) often changes the price. I should not need to manually refresh individual ads in the dashboard to get an up to date price.

  4. Sometimes LOWERING the margin percentage in the edit causes the “Updated Ad Price” to go UP rather than down.

There seem to be lots of similar anomalies. Note I am only using standard market price margins.

Hi! Thanks for reporting, we’ll get on investigating and fixing this right away.

There was indeed a mismatch between the “Updated price” and “Current price” fields, which has been fixed now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Concerning seeing one price in the dashboard and a different one on the edit page, this is due to ad price caching. Difference comes from market price fluctuations. When you open the edit page, the price is recalculated to reflect the ad price according to the latest market data, while dashboard/sell page/ad page etc. will show a slightly stale price. Saving the ad on the edit page will force the price to refresh. This is expected behavior.

The bug with lowering the margin and the price going up must have been connected with “Updated price” initially showing incorrect data, and showing correct data after changing the margin and price recalculation.

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