Legality of Localmonero in different countries? My thoughts /Swe

So, everyone already knows that tax-evading and such things can/will cause you a lot of trouble, and you shouldn’t dabble in it.
That being said, what other laws are there regarding this?
In Sweden for example, it’s obvious that I am not allowed to use this to buy illegal substances, or fund illegal activities, but is the trade in itself legal? When I read the law, it says it is, but it doesn’t state it clearly. The only things stated clearly in the law about the legalities of non kyc trade are “PAY YOUR TAXES”

So I wonder, what do you guys know, and share about what you know about your own country, and whether or not a service like this is legal or illegal, and whether it matters if you’re a buyer or seller, what it encompasses and what kind of trouble you could get into? Could you get past it by simply changing the terms of trade? “I hold no responsibility over what you choose to do with the Monero, and by trading with me you confirm that whatever happens with the Monero is completely on you and has nothing to do with me”

This is the type of thing a schizo like me is interested in knowing, cause the information about this is VERY limited, which in itself should make it non-illegal, at least based on Swedish law, cause the law itself says “If you cannot find it clearly where all laws should be stated, and it isn’t obtuse, you cannot be punished for not following it” And no matter where I look, I can’t seem to find any illegalities of selling it without KYC, UNLESS, I KNOW that it’s gonna be used for shady activities, etc.

Please share your thoughts /Ze Clown