LocalMonero Celebrates its 1-Year Anniversary!

As of today, LocalMonero is 1 YEAR OLD! Thanks everyone for all the love and support throughout the year. Over the course of the year we brought you the following enhancements:

  • MorphToken integration for non-Monero deposits/withdrawals;
  • an API and widget for Monero’s street price based on our trades so you can better find arbitrage opportunities and know the market conditions;
  • our own forums, allowing non-redditors to socialize;
  • first to implement low transaction priority choosing for withdrawals, cutting network fees to the bare minimum;
  • mobile notifications through telegram, so that you won’t have to install yet another app on your phone just to get push notifications about your trades;
  • an affiliate program so that you can earn romeros for bringing more trading users to the platform;
  • dedicated Tor and i2p portals free of privacy hazards;
  • many more enhancements and general UI, UX and performance improvements.

We hope to spend many more great years with you, as Monero becomes more and more dominant in the crypto shpere. We are honored to have been a part of this community.

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Congratulations … thanks for the website and great customer service.

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Congratulation guys! You have been doing a great service for the monero community. I will keep on supporting you :).

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Hi Alex,

First off, congrats! LocalMonero is a great place for monero enthusiasts to buy and sell.

But the problem is, people need to know this place. Some advertisement and promotion would be greatly helpful. Google Ads, says, won’t take a fortune. Great thing need quite a hype and promotion in the first place. LocalMonero is now one year old, but it’s still quite “in the first place”. It needs a startup, a boost. And ads is the boost, the only one.

Make people all know this place and swarm to this site and trade in here, or remain pretty barren and dead as no one is buying or selling because they don’t get a damn clue how to get here.


Which region are you in?

I’m a Monero enthusiast in China. What I said about ads and promotion of this platform holds no matter where you are at this site. Putting some ads on Google or Facebook or any crypto-related community sites simply benefits anyone, be it that you’re trading with China region or any other part of world with Localmonero.co.

It’ll be a all-win move which will benefit this platform the most I think you guy really need to take into consideration.

Best wishes.

Also take note at the Chinese crypto communities as China is the biggest Monero producer and circulator. Putting ads in these communities will take the greatest effect if done right.

You can contact us on telegram @LocalMonero and we can discuss this in greater detail.

I don’t use telegram and I don’t have the details. Instead you guys have to figure out the knowhows and details to implement the promotion stradegy. I’m just as bystander poiting out what I think is the right way to go.

Best luck.