Looking to buy monero as a new user

Hi, I’m kind of new to localcryptos/localmonero etc.

I decided to start using the platform, since signing up at a cex/ fiat exchange with my id would destroy a major part of my anonymity.

What is the best way to buy xmr on here?
Should I buy from an ad or create my own one?

Hi L1na,

Welcome to our platform! Please check our guides for trading: https://localmonero.co/guides

You can go to our main page https://localmonero.co/ and choose a payment method that’s convenient for you.

You can also post your own ad if you wish. We have a guide on how to post a trade ad here: https://localmonero.co/how-to-trade-monero-online

Hey. It’s up to you which way you go. You could buy through me through several different ways. I have many different payment methods