More Altcoins on Localmonero


wouldnt it be nice to have more Altcoins from Top 20 I suggest to add:




Let’s see if this post gets many likes.


I would also suggest


this post doesnt get many feedback because there are not many people in Forum.


BCH & AEON freshly added.


I think localmonero should keep on only offering only monero. Once you add other coins, things will change, get messy and localmonero’s objective will get lost, even if there’s more traffic and deals. I have been at least 1 year and haven’t had my first deal yet, that doesn’t mean I need more coins to get more buyers, I’m looking for ideas, maybe I’m doing things the wrong way. Monero is monero, not BCH, BTC, ETH, AEON, VERGE, NEM, Steem or any other coin. Maybe I’m wrong, but I suggest on keeping the site as it is. The sites name is localmonero guys.


He’s talking about adding more coins to the “cryptocurrency” payment method currencies, not as the base currency of the site.


Okay, I understood something else. Would that mean payment gates through the website with other cryptos(not sure if I’m being clear with my question)? Integrate wallets from other coins?


No, the payment of the other crypto is made outside of LocalMonero, just like with fiat payments.


I think there will be other sites that do these things as the other alts get more popular. There’s already localbitcoin and localethereum websites, so I guess logical progression will be to what there is more demand for.