MorphToken can't work


Hi there and welcome to the community!

The issue is on MorphToken’s side. Their XMR service is under maintenance. At this moment, we have no information on when it will be available again.

I need to use btc to buy something.:scream_cat:

@jevian For now, you can buy some BTC with your XMR from one of these traders:

tried to use changelly they dont support integrated addresses

@jevian @bronco MorphToken appears to be working now.

anyone having issue with morphtoken? been few hours still says processing withdrawal on their end
Now when checking trade status says not found.
To admin: please check them to see if they gone rogue.
ALL GOOD> i been little bit too paranoid. it just took mt almost 4 hours to complete trade

MorphToken can sometimes take a bit of time to process XMR-based morphs. We’ve talked about this with them on many occasions, they’re well aware of the problem.