Most secure payment methods

I am looking to sell a couple coins and there is nobody locally to me (area code 89506) that shows up. So I must do an online add to sell. I am not interested in speed. I am interested in not being robbed.

I see that there are a TON of payment methods but there is not a lot of explanation or any FAQ on the pluses and minuses.

For someone in my position what is the best payment option to accept? Is there any FAQ that I may have missed somehow here?


If you’re selling your coins you are the least likely one to be scammed. Whatever you do just don’t deal with PayPal as they can very easily be charged back. The safest payments would be apple pay and gift cards IMO. Gift cards are even better because if you specify that they must be paid in CASH, and show the receipt. Then it will be impossible for them to chargeback. That’s what I’ve been doing so far with amazon gift cards. Also, if you want, you can do crypto for crypto on here, and if you are the seller it’s impossible to be scammed. I have two ads up rn that are crypto for crypto and amazon gc.

oh and buy the way you dont need to make an ad to sell ur coins you can just go the sell section and look at peoples buy offers