My advanced price formula ;-)

I like the new advanced price formula and if you are searching for some advice here my idea in this moment (don’t expect something too sophisticate):


Long story short I want to sell my XMR fast (at least I hope) and so I decided to lower down my price!

The fact is that I want to sell them fast but I don’t want to give them for free (“for free” I mean less than 60€/XMR) and so I set up the price of 61 in my mind that I consider a fair price in this moment!

I could choose to fix the price at 61€/XMR but I love to play with formulas (lol) and so I decided to set up a small volatility based on bid price of XMR/EUR on Exmo

The result? Watch it here: :wink:

If you want a price that is the market price but never goes below a certain minimum, you can just use the max() function. Such as:


This formula will return either exmoxmreurbid*1.01 or 60, whichever is greater. This means that the price will never go below 60.