New CAPTCHAs are terrible

There’s been a few different types of CAPTCHAs on the site. The current version is really bad. It’s close to illegible to humans. There’s always one character which looks like it could plausibly be one of several characters, and so it takes at least four or five tries to login. Could you change it back to previous versions?

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Heres an example. The last and third to last characters are close to illegible.


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We have removed that font now.


Still terrible. I fail about 4 time cant distinguish 6 from G and others. Try a more legilge font plz.

Lmao cause of localmonero captchas i nearly had 4 car accidents and they took at least 1 day of my lifetime

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It’s hard to keep a balance between ease for humans and difficulty for robots. Next time you encounter a font you believe to be too difficult, please post a picture here so that we can remove it.

can you at least make login with password and captcha entering on 2 diff pages? it takes me few trys to get captcha right and every time i have to reenter 2fa

Are you using the nojs version?

no, i have js enabled

And your 2fa field gets erased?

i enter 2fa and captcha if captcha is wrong i have to reenter both 2fa and captcha

Because the 2FA expires or because the 2FA input gets erased?

2fa stays there just expires. check out lbc way of logging in its much easier. but since last update i stayed logged in on localmonero for 2 or more days now. so loggin in not issue anymore.

LBC uses Google ReCaptcha whereas we want to avoid that. But I’m glad it’s no longer an issue for you.

I like LocalBitcoins way of logging in. They prompt for Username/Pass and Captcha, and on the following page they have you enter 2FA.

Having to enter 2FA on the same page as the login credentials is really a pain. This is my second day here, and this place looks extremely promising. Is it possible to have a Poll to change this?

What makes entering 2FA on the same page a pain for you?

Just want to add that I currently love the LocalMonero login system and I personally never have issues with the current “CAPTCHA” system.

I’m also very grateful that you don’t use the Google “CAPTCHA” service. That service is a cancer on the Internet. The fact you are not using it and are using a simpler system sends users like me a signal that you actually care about privacy and the user experience.

LocalMonero > LocalBitcoins

Excluding Google reCAPTCHA was a very important thing for us, and we’re glad someone appreciates it.

if password or 2fa entered incorrectly user must reenter it again. i ve done it many time when pass or 2fa or random text was entered wrong and had to redo it all over again. but if user enters pass, random and captcha on 1 page then 2fa on the other page makes it easier