New CAPTCHAs are terrible


There’s been a few different types of CAPTCHAs on the site. The current version is really bad. It’s close to illegible to humans. There’s always one character which looks like it could plausibly be one of several characters, and so it takes at least four or five tries to login. Could you change it back to previous versions?


Heres an example. The last and third to last characters are close to illegible.



We have removed that font now.


Still terrible. I fail about 4 time cant distinguish 6 from G and others. Try a more legilge font plz.


Lmao cause of localmonero captchas i nearly had 4 car accidents and they took at least 1 day of my lifetime


It’s hard to keep a balance between ease for humans and difficulty for robots. Next time you encounter a font you believe to be too difficult, please post a picture here so that we can remove it.