New to Monero and concerned to buy without proper security measurements


I want to buy monero per fiat, but there are a few reasons currently holding me back:
The Bank can see the transfer and might be suspicious due to Moneros bad reputation upon the general public + banks + governments.
The least thing I want is anyone to suspect me to do something illegal (I just want to buy mullvad securely :frowning: )

Could I theoretically buy a crypto with low transaction fees (not btc since it has high fees) and then atomicswap or buy monero per crypto?

I suspect that with this process, there obv are higher fees since I am moving around a lot and swapping a bit.

Is it worth the big hassle or do you guys think that I am a bit to schizo?

Also what crypto do you guys recommend to trade from crypto to crypto, with the main focus of having low transaction fees and low transaction time?

I am sure everyone in this forum has heard this questions multiple times and I have already read some answers such as “check your bank, they might tolerate it or they might not” - I have already checked my bank and have only found a generic “why bitcoin might be the future” where the bank is plugging buying btc over their bank exchange.

Buying Monero isn’t illegal in most countries. You shouldn’t have any legal problem while doing so.

Litecoin has low transactions fees and fast confirmation times, you could try that, and swap to XMR, either with a swap service or a seller here.

You can try aiming for a non-KYC seller. Most of us won’t make any reference to crypto, and a lot of us use personal bank accounts to sell Monero, this way you shouldn’t have any problem. A lot of us are aware that some banks don’t really like crypto and tend to kick you out of the bank when making crypto related purchases, but those are relatively rare. Just don’t shout it out to them and you’ll be alright.

If your bank says “why bitcoin might be the future”, they most likely aren’t against crypto transfers.
Anyways, simply buying privacy crypto isn’t anything forbidden, and they won’t know how you use the said crypto. You want to buy Mullvad, that’s a great example that crypto can be used for legit reasons, other than illegal or tax-evading reasons.