New Veem scammer

A new account (3 hours old) opened a trade with me and offered paying me with a payment method called ‘Veem’. I was hesitant at first but they were insisting, telling me how to create an account, how to accept payment, told me they would pay all the fees, and offered me a large extra.

And so I created my account, they send me the money, but the transaction got put on hold (although the interface could be misleading). I saw that it didn’t fully go through and so I refused to complete the trade.

They continue to post a lot of messages telling me they had been charged of the money, that what I do is unfair (not completing), completely ignoring my proof and my reasons.
They were really insisting, seemed in a hurry, impatient.
After some time, I eventually told them that I wouldn’t reply anymore, and that if they wanted their Monero or a refund, they should create a dispute with LocalMonero’s staff as I had done nothing wrong in my opinion, and they just refused to understand what I meant.

15 mins later, they cancelled their trade and deleted their LocalMonero account.
I went back to Veem to check the transaction, and it had been cancelled with this message:
“Payment cancelled: Payment amount is incorrect”.

I believe they paid with an insuffisant balance or a fake card or a stolen card/bank account. Watch out for this scam and similar ones, and never release early. If you suspect something, trust your instinct, and wait before finalizing.


I also had this issue. Veem allows a payer to cancel payment until the payment is in “in progress” state. They want you to think that you are paid on veem, but when you release monero they cancel it later and run away with your monero


Yea, good think I read the help pages of Veem so I refused to send


Had something similar happen to me a few days ago. Played out exactly almost as you described