New wave of fraud hitting UK p2p crypto markets


The last 2 weeks several p2p exchanges like localmonero in the UK have been hit by fraudsters.

I know 10 vendors who got their accounts shut down in that timeframe and I’ve noticed increased order spamming by new accounts on other places.

There is a possibility that these guys might move on to Localmonero eventually so keep your guard up.

Use caution and stay safe lads.


The community is thankful for your warning.
Stay safe and trust no one.


good looking out don


I’m more or less out of the UK market.

For those who are still trying their luck, be VERY CAREFUL. The situation is extremely tense. Generally the fraud attempts have gone down a bit but on the other hand banks have become a bigger pain in the ass.

Even one of the only crypto-friendly banks in the UK has decided to terminate accounts that are crypto related because of the fraud spike (those who had an account with that bank will have received a message from their support).

I’ve lost 5 bank accounts within a week and I’m banned from pretty much every bank now (some of them just shut me down because the volume seemed a bit off without anyone trying to chargeback me).

If you guys plan on living in the UK long term, make sure you never use your main bank account for crypto. In worst case you’ll end up without banking.

I personally wouldn’t take the risk in such a situation anymore. Compared to nov/dec 2017 the earning potential compared to the fraud risk is just not reasonable.

As always, these are just my 2 cents, so by all means make your own decisions.
I’m sure some guys are slick enough and can come up with their own solution. There could be some opportunity because this whole thing made the supply drop and a gap is there to be filled.

But if there’s one thing that I know for certain after doing this for years is that you can’t and should never trust a bank with your money.

Stay safe and best of luck lads

edit: those who have their accounts frozen can either ask me via pm or in the telegram group for advice. I’ve dealt with that shit often enough and I don’t mind giving advice if my schedule allows it


yeah, been hit with a charge back scam now on one trade, and another is pulling a “lost transaction” scam now. Should have been more aware of it to be honest. My UK bank is now in AML/Fraud mode.


how did you deal with it?