Other XMR wallets/exchanges that do NOT require payment ID


Hello all,

Just wondering what/if any other wallets are out that do not require the payment ID to receive transfers. I know the GUI/CLI and local monero. Any others?

Also, are there any exchanges set up to receive payments without the ID?

Thanks in advance


Exchanges: Poloniex, Kraken, LiveBit
Wallets: Monerujo, Cake Wallet.


Thanks for the reply alex … I’ll check them out.


Seems to be nice. I tested it yesterday. Even has features to airswap xmr-> btc …nice


nope you have to set up a dedicated server to host your own node then you have to send your monero through about three wallets before sending to your dedicated node lol what a mess aye?


lol … you might wanna lay off the mesculine while surfing the web :slight_smile: