Please update Venezuela currency

Yesterday Venezuela currency had 5 zeros removed,
the old currency was “Bolivar Fuerte” ISO symbol VEF
The new currency name is “Bolivar Soberano” ISO symbol VES
1.00 VES = 100,000.00 VEF

just to avoid confusion and fraud attempts with people wanting to buy or sell with the old amount instead of the new one.

Thanks for the heads up. We’ve changed it to VES now.

que divisa mas mala el bolivar

Hi Alex,

I think Localmonero team needs to do some Ads to promote the site. It’s 2019 now and still basically no one comes to this site to trade. For more than a month I couldn’t manage to sell a single coin out. We need people to trade with us. First off, they need to know this place and come to this site and get registered and trade.

You guy need to do something or this great trading platform is simply sinking.


Are you a seller in Venezuela?