Possible bug with "Trusted User" ads


I’ve got an ad which is only usable with Trusted Users. For some reason this ad is visible on my public profile to accounts which aren’t logged in. It might also be showing up in the search results and to logged in, non-trusted users. I haven’t checked that.

I only found out because someone I hadn’t trusted opened another ad with me only to ask me to trade with them using my “Trusted User” ad.

I don’t think the site used to have this behavior.

I’d really rather that random people didn’t see my Trusted Users ad(s).


Trusted ads were always visible on the user page. This is to allow non-trusted users to see what they’re missing out on if they browse your user page. It’s still hidden from public search.

May i ask what the motivation is?

Alright, trusted ads are no longer be visible on your userpage to non-trusted users.

I just noticed this a moment ago and came here to thank you.

Thank you :+1:

As a sign of my appreciation, I gift you one, untamed scorpion:


No problem! Happy to serve.