Price Formula Bug

Every now and then the ‘Price Formula’ option bugs out, does anyone else have this issue?

Can you describe the bug?

I have noticed a bug which might be the same issue. For example if trying to sell at 9.5% above the market rate, it will take it as 9% when the ad is updated. Also the “Updated ad price:” often doesn’t update when changing the percentage.

Thanks for reporting the rounding issue. It should now be working as expected.
Concerning the updated price not changing - it could be because the change in the percentage isn’t enough to affect the calculated price. If you can provide bug reproduction conditions (currency, percentage) we will have a closer look.

Seems to be working now. I’ll post here if I notice any issues. Thanks for quick fix!

This issue is still around. For example if you drop the market price margin from 2.5% down to 2.4%, the displayed price will adjust. However, if you then change it back to 2.5% without leaving the page the display price will not go back to the original 2.5% price.