Questions about prices, KYC

As a prospective XMR buyer, I’m wondering about the various markups in the quoted prices here. For example, the price of XMR is currently about $373 USD (according to coindesk), and the localmonero vendors who accept Zelle are quoting $430 to $500. Are these typical markups, or should I wait for more reasonable quotes? Why would I want to choose a seller who is charging more?

Also, is it reasonable for the sellers to ask for my ID and bank info if I am using Zelle (for, for that matter, any other banking-based method)?

  1. Sometimes sellers do ask for KYC to protect themselves against payment reversals and bank account fraud.
  2. Markups fluctuate a lot. It’s hard to say what a typical markup is.
  3. We recommend you post your own buy ad for the price and payment method that you prefer and see if anyone responds. You’ll surely get a response quickly if the price is lucrative enough.