Request Option - @nedpeglar

Hey guys,

I was just wondering and I think there should a request options for buyers. I have many sellers that I favour but most of the time their ads do not show and I constantly have to check to see if they are willing to sell again. If us, the buyers, had a request option I think it would save a lot of time.

Please take this into consideration and any feedback would be great



The forum addresses this as well. You’re able to send PMs here for traders that are active in the community, hence the ones that would be interested in receiving such requests.

it is hard to expect people to be active in Forums, that are just looking to buy Monero.

I agree, there are people who have been dealing with each other, know each other or have some sort of agreement and want it to continue.

Requesting would make it easier and not rely on having a load of old chats open that and trying to keep track of them and dig them out depending on who’s asking for what.