Seller XMRism is padding feedback

I warn everyone to be cautious buying from the seller XMRism. It is extremely obvious all their feedback is fake. A 2 day old account with 83 trades from 8 partners? If that’s not obvious feedback padding, that must be a world record for this site! When their account was 5 hours old, it had over 60 trades with 4 total partners.

Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate immediately.

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Thanks. I suspect it may also be an alt account for the user MoneroMerida. I say this because MoneroMerida’s feedback on their profile followed the same pattern when they first made their account. MoneroMerida was also one of the first users to leave feedback on XMRism’s account. Another alternate account of theirs with padded feedback is mvinscrypto. While I do not know the full details, it is becoming more apparent that one, or several people from the pirate chain team are working in conjunction to pad each others feedback as I have now noticed many accounts over the past months advertise the website in their ads, or mention it in the messages when buying. All those accounts gain feedback very fast by engaging in multiple simultaneous trades with the same accounts.

This is problematic for multiple reasons. Feedback padding is bad enough. Trying to ride Monero’s coat tails on this site to advertise their shitcoin as a better alternitive to Monero is a step over the line in my opinion. Their coin is simply a Zcash ripoff. Nothing special.

I come to this site to buy Monero. I come to this site because I trust you and the other admins to do the right thing for Monero and the Monero community. I do not trust the nameless faces behind a shitcoin that use dishonest methods to make money.

Hi, I just waned to clear the air. XMRism is a friend of mine, and I offered to help him get started. Along with several of us (we are part of a subscription group all about privacy coins). Several people in that group are major fans of Piratechain (Which I am as well, but I NEVER bring it up at localmonero). That subscription group has pushed as one of the best places to buy XMR, so several of us are on this site. Several of us from the group did help XMRism out to build his account. He just had a kid and was struggling. It was not done with mal intent. But I totally understand how everyone took it. He is closing out his account and will start from scratch. Sorry for the misunderstanding everyone. This was done purely to help someone in the community

Everyone has a sob story when they get called out. I also have a sob story to tell. Does this mean I am exempt from the rules of the site whenever it suits my needs? If you want to come here to sell Monero, just sell Monero. The bottom line is you are all conspiring with each other to fool the users of this site. Because of your actions and the actions of your “friends”, I can no longer trust any of the sellers on this site. Looking at the pirate chain telegram chat, it is obvious you will stop at nothing to spread FUD about Monero in order to pump your shitcoin. If you guys would go this far, I would not be the least bit surprised if you people are the same ones spreading FUD about Monero on Reddit and Twitter. Save the crocodile tears. We all struggle in life. That does not mean you get a free pass to deceive people.

Not spreading any FUD on Monero. Monero is our best defense against a fast incoming New World Order. I love Monero.

But I totally get where you are coming from Takkentribe. All I can do is offer my apology and what happened. Like I said, I have never mentioned Piratechain on the site and never will. I love XMR and think the world is a safer place because of it.

If you are really sorry you would do the same as your friend and close down your account and start over without padding your feedback. it does not matter what your excuse is. If you get to break the rules of the site, I should be able to do the same and dispute any charges in my bank account. I really am struggling for a just cause. I hope you understand why I am exempt from playing by the same rules as everyone else. /s

Pirate Chain (ARRR) is awesome and so is Monero, we fight for freedom, your just crying because you want to make more profit. Sometimes you get 30 orders a day, sometimes 2, sometimes none. Be a man and grow up. All these false accusations only shows me you are complaining because you want to take out competition. Join Pirate and learn more Pirate.Gives/privacy

You might have had a point if your friend didn’t admit you all pad each others feedback. Now you come on here, spread FUD and try to advertise your shitcoin. Remind us all again why my accusations were false after the two of you just confirmed all of my concerns are true?

remind me again why you are making such a fit out nothing. DO you want more orders, are you the guy that keeps locking orders ? I bet you are. How about you stop locking all our orders and let everyone sell and buy as they want. you know what … is awesome

I am a buyer. People like you are exactly the kind of people I try to avoid. Not only are you arrogant, rude, and idiotic. You are also extremely egotistical. Thanks for the warning. At least people who read this will know to not buy from either of you. Still a little confused on why you would admit to breaking the sites terms and think you are somehow just in your actions.

I never admitted to anything, you seem to like to put words in my mouth. See the fact that you resort to calling people names and judging them is your first mistake. Everyone who has dealt with me has had a great experience. Sometime people want to be cautious and do a little bit at a time. you can accuse people of anything, but I value my buyers. So your attempt to gain more orders falls short because if you were only a buyer
then you would not be so angry because im a seller. I sell orders for 1 to 4 dollars just to get people to use monero. Who do you know does that but I digress. You are upset, if I can help you not be upset I would. not many can see your ulterior motives but I can.

No, you just came here to advertise your shitcoin no one has ever heard of. Something your friend said you guys would never do. Yet here you people are. Your friend already admitted you people pad each others feedback to deceive users. Why try to come up with excuses now?

once again that someone else view, I rather do small orders and be cautious and yes I talk about Pirate because its more anonymous than monero. Its Anonset is 4x higher do your homework. I can open up a new account and beat you pants in a few days. And I will make sure you know its me. The fact that I like talking about pirate because I love it just like I love monero has no bearings on my sales. Actually people appreciate that their is another coin just as or more private than monero, but I will let you reserach it for yourself. Heres a good article explaining the technicals

All you do is steal code from an inferior product. No one is going to buy your shitcoin. Not sure why you’re so delusional about a ripoff coin with a $53K marketcap vs a real coin with a marketcap over $2B.

These guys are bold. I’ll give them that much.

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XMRism’s account was banned, he’ll start over. The other accounts involved are pretty old and weren’t involved in any scams or frauds, have good legitimate reviews and are apologetic, so we’ll let it slide as an exception.