Selling XMR - USA Only - Zelle Instant Transfers - Quick&Easy


Hi all.

It doesn’t look like many people use the forums, but I will login daily just to gain rep with the site and grow this XMR account. If anyone ever has questions, I will be here.

I’m selling XMR for Zelle instant transfers. Zelle has No Fees. This is for USA only, as Zelle is only offered in the USA. Most banks and credit unions use Zelle now. Trades with me only takes a few minutes.

Check to see if your bank or credit union supports Zelle, it’s a large list:

As soon as you setup your Zelle account through your mobile banking app, you are ready to send money from that bank account to any other bank account using Zelle, instantly.

I do require a verification for first time buyers to protect myself against fraud.

That being said, if someone becomes verified with me, they will never have to verify with me again. That same account that you verified with, must always be the account used to transfer funds with. Funds will be returned if you use a different bank account and a dispute will be opened. The correct proof will then be provided.

I focus on good relationships and easy trading.

I’m currently trading at low rates on LocalMonero since I have 0 feedback and I want to start that good business. :tophat:



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I am looking for your listing but I do not see you ?



Don’t be afraid to message me on Telegram! My username is: phoenix9110

Sometimes I have my advertisement off, but if you message me, I will turn it on for you or anyone else.