Show as "Status"


I’ve been logging in pretty much daily for the last month and I always leave my login done at my workplace to save time (please don’t say to just log out at work, I have strict security policies and I always leave my workstation in a locked state when I’m absent).

However, this results in my account being shown as Online constantly since the site must be refreshing status.

Would it possible to add a sort of Presence or Status button to show profile as “Online” or “Offline”?
That way, when leaving my workplace, I can set it as “Offline”.

NOTE: While typing this, a concern came up. I’m not sure how 2 logged in sessions will interact with each other. Will the “Online” status override the “Offline” status?



Would being able to set “working hours” for your account be a suitable substitute? I.e. when it isn’t your account’s “working hours” your advertisements get hidden?



I’m afraid not, since I’d like my ads to be online permanently.
What I want to avoid, are users thinking I’m online when I’m not though. They’re sending messages, thinking I’m online and I’m not replying to them.