Sorting/Filtering on Buying & Selling Pages

I see on the buying page that ad listings are sorted by price, lowest at the top, highest at the bottom. This is good in some situations. I wish this applied to the selling page as well, highest price at the top, lowest at the bottom.

Although it would be best to have other options for sorting too…

There should at least be options to sort by reputation, price, and user activity (say someone wants a really quick trade, they might look for the most recently active seller/buyer).

Thank you

Ads on the “Sell Monero” page are already sorted by the descending price, it’s just that reputation is also taken into account, so ads of low reputation users are getting sorted lower than ones of the more established traders.

Thanks for the extra sorting option suggestions, we’ll consider it.

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Hey Tony!

Having the price and reputation filters merged as they are seems good in theory but I don’t really think its working so well in practice… It’s kind of confusing.