Starting with selling XMR


I’m new to Localmonero and want to sell XMR too.
What are the best tips to get started?
I already bought 3 times XMR with 2 verified Seller, but they did not give me any Feedback, although I gave positive feedback.

The margin on my advertising is lower than usual in the market.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get orders?

Thanks in Advance


Maybe a little more feedback from a couple more traders. 3 is still quite low.

Were your trades for an amount greater than 100 USD? Or if you traded with 1 seller twice did both trades add up to more than 100 USD? Because feedback only shows for people you have traded more than 100 USD in total.

If so then maybe just ask them politely if they would mind giving you feedback for those trades. Sometimes people just forget. You can re-visit your completed trade and continue talking in the chat or start a new trade with them.

Otherwise just have patience. Sometimes business is slow. I just saw your profile though and you have a couple more trades now with some feedback so looks like you’re getting there

The feedback will only be displayed when the cumulative transaction of a single user reaches 100USD.