Telegram Issues

Sometimes I don’t receive telegram push notifications on my android phone. I’d say it’s about 50/50 when my telegram app alerts me of new trade activity.

I sometimes think it’s because I’ve been recently active on the site? Or, my phone is in some kind of weird do not disturb mode that I haven’t asked it to be in.

This isn’t a issue, as I receive ALL of my messages, my android phone is failing to indicate me through any kind of notification. If I go to the telegram app I can see all of my messages.

Any telegram experts that can help me receive my alerts?


Is your country blocking telegram?

I don’t think so. I receive about half of the push notifications. I think this is some sort of android/telegram issue. I suppose I should fire up duckduckgo and see what I can find.

Does your phone have google play services?

Yes. I have google play services on my phone.

Have you updated your Android to the latest version and Telegram as well?

I updated everything. Maybe that will fix the issue.