Terms of Trade to be given upfront

I had an instance where the seller ( don’t need to mention its username ) had advertised as no ID required and national Bank transfer (AUS$) and then first asked me to use transfer wise and transfer half to USA (US$) and half to Europe (UROs) and use telegram and then he asked me a video showing that my idea all of that bit by bit. I don’t have anything to worry about my identification but it was a lengthy and painful process. Terms should be spelled out upfront and should not be allowed to be changed

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Such ads usually warn that the payment will be made in parts to different destinations and that the video confirmation will be required. Is there an ad that doesn’t warn about those conditions?

You are right that terms should be clear and upfront and remain unchanged as the transaction occurs. If that were the case it wouldn’t feel like so much of a hassle to provide the information the seller is asking for. Any good seller would know this, perhaps you were dealing with someone who was not very experienced? I would suggest simply not trading with that individual anymore.