Website Comms When There Is an Issue


This morning there has been an issue with coins not releasing to buyers when the trade has been finalised. I still have 3 trades with the process stuck awaiting transfer to the seller’s non-custodial wallet.

I was wondering what causes this as it’s the 3rd time that I know of it happening in the last 6 months and would it be possible for the website to send out comms to users who have a verified email address when there is an issue?

It makes buyers very nervous and concerned that they won’t receive their XMR and it’s difficult for us to explain it as it’s out of our control and we don’t have a reason for it.

I’d like to know what other users think as well as the site admin.

There can be withdrawal queues sometimes. They will process themselves as quickly as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I have had the issue again with a trade from yesterday. This morning it is still stuck in the process of sending to the seller’s non-custodial address. I have had several trades since that though that have all completed successfully.

Can you explain why it happens to specific trades? If there are queues then why are my current trades going through but this one from yesterday is still stuck?

Is comms from the website possible when this happens? Do you guys know about it when it happens or do you only find out when a user contacts you?

We have to deal with these cases individually. Please contact support.