What is cash by mail and how to buy monero with pre-paid visa card?

I don’t know much about cryptocurrency trading but I want to have monero anonimously. But I can’t use this website in my language and I don’t understand some things ,… please help me out!

I want to buy monero with prepaid visa card , should I choose " credit card" in the payment option? or gift card ??

How can people buy monero with cash by mail? It means you send cash by airmail or something? It is illegal in my country but is it not illegal to send cash by mail in some place? or it is illegal but they do that? How buyer and seller trust each other? If a seller received money but didn’t confirm , what will happen to the buyer? he can’t get monero?

Hi monemone

So at least in Germany and Austria this is allowed, but the post is liable only if one indicates the amount of money for the sum.

But as has been shown at least for me, this works really easily, the best video with money when packaging and unpacking, then localmonero in the case of a desput already farewell and fair decision.

Short facts:

  • Not traceable
    *Saturation by tracking number
    *Both business partners can act anonymously.
  • Trading time 1-2 days
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